Advantages From Attending Respiratory Therapist Programs

Many areas of the economy continue to struggle with the on-going recession; most areas of health care remain viewed as being recession proof. This is the big reason behind the sudden explosion in the number of higher education degrees available in the health sector. Respiratory therapist programs, just as an example, while once an obscure degree only offered at a handful of places are now offered at nearly every community college and technical school found today.

Aside from the increasing demand for care and services, these positions are actually increasing also because of division of labor differences now being seen in many care facilities in efforts to curb rising costs. The roles of nurses in particular are being divided, partly to cut labor costs, and partly because of a shortage of nurses on an international scale. The result being degree programs in very specific, technical areas of care.

These programs are often not very long, some as short as eighteen months. This aspect appeals to a broader number of prospective applicants who may be interested in a health related field but are not ready to make a long term commitment to education for that purpose. The shorter time in school also means that there is less money being spent on it, which is a big issue for many people.

Aside from it costing less because of the shortened amount of time spent on it, it is also available to many through smaller local colleges and other technical schools. These schools are often times much less expensive than their larger counterparts. Put altogether and the programs in questions are far more accessible to far more people.

Making that education open to a wider array of people is exactly the point. Given the massive demand for people to enter into these specialized lines of work having the education available for people is a must. A growing number of career oriented high schools are offering the opportunity for students to begin these programs early so that they are ready for a career when they graduate.

With an aging population the demand for health and well-being services continues to grow exponentially. Along with that growing demand are growing costs which are increasingly limiting to what providers are able to offer. By creating more specialized positions they are able to reduce their costs because these positions often pay less than what nurses make.

Of course by opening up these lines of work there is an added benefit aside from increased efficiency in care facilities, there is also a benefit to the employees. The availability of these degrees has improved the quality of life for thousands of people. People that otherwise would not have access to professional or technical careers or higher pay now have that access.

Respiratory therapist programs along with others like them are really a wonderful addition to the world of career training. Employers gain individuals with specialized training in a relatively short amount of time. People gain good paying jobs with benefits and are able to improve their quality of life. Everybody wins.

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Tuition Assistance for Military Spouses

Life for a military spouse can sometimes be lonely. Amidst all the glamour and valor of a military life, there exists a vacuum for the better halves of servicemen and women.

Frequent moving and busy schedules often result in spouses of active duty service members not being able to forge permanent social bonds with people around them. It also means that they sometimes have to give up on their own dreams and aspirations of having a normal career to be able to accompany their spouses to different and often difficult deployments.

But it doesn't have to be so. When a person decides to join the armed forces, it's not just him, but his entirely family that has to make sacrifices. The least this country can do to thank them for all their sacrifices is make sure that they get an opportunity to chase their dreams.

Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance programs have been instituted with the aim that family members of active duty military personnel and veteran are able to fulfill their academic and career goals.

Here are a few financial assistance programs for military spouses that they can take advantage of to get a flexible education or vocational training and kick start their dream career:

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA):

This financial assistance program is administered by the Department of Defense (DoD) and offers financial assistance to military spouses pursuing education or vocational training that leads to portable career fields.

Portable careers are professions that you can take with you wherever you go. These careers allow you to continue on the same path whenever you move from city A to city B, eliminating the need to start over every time your spouse shifts base.

Because of the advances in technology, a lot of careers have now become portable and can even be pursued from home. All you need is a high speed Internet connection, a telephone and a fax machine and you have your home office ready to work as an accountant, graphic designer, freelance writer and editor, medical transcriptionist, medical coding and billing specialist, online tutor, virtual assistant, or whatever in the world that you enjoy doing!

As part of the MyCAA program, financial assistance to the tune of $4000 with a yearly cap of $2000 is available to spouses of active duty service members. Spouses pursuing professional certifications or licensures are offered waivers of up to $4000.

Some of the other eligibility criteria for accessing MyCAA funding include:

   1. Spouses of applicants must be active duty service members in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2.
   2. Applicants must complete their academic program within three years of taking the first course.
   3. Applicants must be enrolled in a course approved by MyCAA Financial Assistance (FA) document.

It's a need-based grant, which means it does not need to be repaid. The funding is released directly to the school where the applicant is enrolled. The MyCAA program pays tuition for education and vocational training courses as well as fee for licensing and/or credentialing exams.

Other Assistance Programs:

Post-9/11 GI Bill Transferability: As part of this program, career service members are allowed to share their GI Bill education benefits with immediate family members. The important thing to remember is that service members have the mandate to share only the "unused" portion of their education benefits with their family members that include their spouse and/or children.

For those who are unaware about the details of this program, the Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial assistance to service members pursuing graduate or undergrad degrees and technical or vocational training among other educational programs and/or credentialing exams.

Financial assistance under the Post-9/11 GI Bill is offered in the form of tuition and fee payment, books and supplies stipend, housing allowance, etc.

State and Private Education Benefits:

Some states offer education benefits to the spouses and children of deceased, Missing in Action (MIA), Prisoner of War (POW) and disabled veterans, while a pool of over $300 million in private scholarships and grants is available to surviving spouses and families of military members and veteran.*1



Nancy is a 35-year old stay at home mom of two. She worked as a medical assistant for five years before taking a break to be with her children. Her experience as a medical assistant gave her valuable insights in to the medical billing and coding industry, which she likes to share with others through her writing. Medical billing and coding programs often find mention in her writings. Her expertise in Medical billing and coding training stems from her extensive research on the subject.

Her other interests include gardening and baking. She stays in Cleveland, OH with her husband and two daughters.

Popular Master's Programs Within The Arts And Sciences

The University of Drexel in Philadelphia offers students many great graduate programs within the Arts and Sciences. These programs are great options for individuals who wish to pursue an advanced degree within that focus of education. Drexel offers an unparalleled experience.

One of the programs that Drexel offers in Arts and Sciences is in Biological Sciences. This is a great program for individuals who are interested in scientific research, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, as well as biostatistics. This program gives the option of completing a thesis or not, depending on what your goals are within the program. Students who successfully graduate from the Biological Sciences program are able to enter into a career in the field in a position of leadership.

Another option is to pursue a Master of Science in Communication. Students who enter into this program are able to begin careers in a great number of areas. The program offers three areas of specialization that include technical communication, science communication, and public communication. The basis of the program provides students with a foundation in theoretical approaches to communication. The perks of choosing to enroll in this program are that individuals who come from a variety of educational backgrounds can benefit from it.

The graduate program in Environmental Policy gives students a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the development, implementation, and evaluation of environmental policy. This is a perfect choice for individuals who want to enter into careers as policy analysts. This program gives the insights necessary for students to learn about environmental values and how to effectively engage in environmental issues. Students are able to learn how such policies come about, the engineering and scientific basis of effective environmental policies, as well as how to accomplish environmental improvements.

Drexel also has a Master's program in Mathematics for individuals who are interested in all things numbers. Students in the program must complete a series of courses in linear algebra, principles of analysis, and complex variables. Students can then round out their program by choosing 10 courses in any field of math as long as they are at the graduate level.

There is also a Masters program in Physics. Students can specialize in astrophysics, biophysics, chaos theory/nonlinear dynamics, or condensed matter and particle physics. The environment in the Physics program is one that allows the understanding of current topics and trends within the field of physics. Requirements of the program include completing 45 graduate credits.

One popular graduate degree option offered by the University is in Psychology. The Psychology program is well known and allows students to hone their skills within the field. Many students use this program as a stepping stone to their doctoral program. Students must complete all coursework successfully as well as participate in lab activities during their program.

Drexel University is a great higher learning institution and is a fantastic choice for completing your graduate degree. It has many Master degree programs available for students to choose from, and you can be sure to find a program that will suit your needs and your wants.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning is education that does not require students to attend classes in a traditional classroom. Instead, students and teachers communicate through chatrooms and over the phone when necessary. There are a large number of benefits that come with this type of learning.

Listed below are some of the benefits of distance learning:

Benefit #1 Flexibility and you get to choose your own hours.

This works great because you get to choose the hours that you will work. You can choose to work in one big increment or work in smaller increments. Distance learning is all about what works the best for you as an individual. You even have the flexible option of working a full-time job with distance learning.

Benefit #2 Bullying is minimal to nonexistant.

With E-learning you aren't forced into a school or classroom where there's a bunch of bullies that dislike you and will pick on you. This is a great alternative for people who are dealing with being heavily bullied, and feel like they are hopelessly trapped. It's a way to put yourself into a safer and happier environment. Removing yourself from the dysfunction that you experience in a regular classroom.

Benefit #3 The classrooms are never crowded.

Even if you see 35 people in the chatroom, it's a completely different environment compared to a real life classroom. You're given plenty of space to just relax, and that makes learning come easier.

Benefit #4 No travel cost.

The money you spend in gas is now money you save. You can spend that extra money on more important matters or save it for a rainy day when you'll need it. You can take this class from the comfort of your own home, and there's something that's liberating about it.

Benefit #5 Work at your nwn pace.

You learn at a pace that suits your style. No more cases where the instructor moves on, and you still clearly do not understand the material. Learning at your own pace lets you can spend as much time as you'd like on the subject.

Benefit #6 Cheaper than a regular classroom.

Lets face it, there's a lot of expenses that come with having to be in a regular classroom. It's more time consuming than distance learning, and that's why it's more expensive.

Benefit #7 Gives more choices for both rural and urban students.

Rural students have to deal with only a few school choice options, and sometimes all they have is one option. Urban students deal with overcrowded classrooms and overworked, unmotivated teachers. With distance learning they have the option to get out of the overcrowded classes, and into a learning environment that is more conducive to learning.

Those are only a handful of the benefits that come with taking online classes. If you take one distance learning class, or many classes you will find that it's a lot easier to learn in that type of environment. The best way to find out is to try it for yourself.

If you've ever wandered what is distance learning, we have the answers for you. Read further to find our student guide to distance learning colleges.

Selecting The Right Graduate Program

The University of Maryland has a series of great graduate programs for students who are looking to advance their education. Located in College Park, the university has much to offer students at the graduate level.

One of their programs is in American Studies. This program offers students the ability to earn their Master of Arts in the subject area. The two themes that are broached throughout the program are the cultures of everyday life and the cultural constructions of identity and difference. Students in this program are able to develop an expertise in multiple methodologies and are able to experience many different classes that incorporate these ideas.

Students can also choose to earn their Master of Applied Anthropology. Students who enroll in this program are able to learn about the applications of anthropology. This is a great choice for students who wish to pursue a career in the field outside of the academic realm as well as for those who wish to go on and earn their PhD. This program's purpose is to allow individuals the opportunity to build the anthropological practice.

The University of Maryland also offers a Master of Architecture degree. This program teaches its students how to engage in critical thinking and critical inquiry. Students are able to experience a mix of architectural and urban design studios, architectural history and theory, as well as architectural science and technology. This degree program is accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board, which allows students the ability to be licensed after graduation.

There is also a graduate program in Astronomy. Students in this program are able to take a full schedule of courses covering most of the fields within the subject area. Students are able to conduct research in a variety of ways including interplanetary dust, planetary dynamics, and star and planet formation. Students who wish to enter into this program need to have a strong background in astronomy.

Those who are interested in enhancing their writing skills can do so in the university's Creative Writing program. Students in this program are able to work on their craft through creating prose, poetry, stories, and novels. While in the program, students are able to hone their particular branch of creative writing through various studios and practical work, while also completing a traditional study of literature.

Another program offered is in Linguistics. This program allows students to study the history of language and to perform research on how language has transformed over the years. In the program, students are able to build on recent developments within the field. Students are also trained to answer questions in relation to our language and how it has been represented and how it continues to change and develop.

The University of Maryland offers a great array of graduate level programs for interested individuals. Those who are looking for a place to earn their Master's degree should definitely check out everything that the university has to offer. By enrolling into one of their programs, you can be sure to graduate with new found skills and will be well on your way to a successful path. Not everyone can attend a campus-based program, so there are online graduate programs that you can look into. It is very acceptable to earn a Master's degree online.

Struggle and Joy With Continuing Legal Education

Law school is not for the weak. Any person who has ever considered law school has had to contend with the daunting thought of the reality. Months spent indoors pouring over decades of legalese. Cramming so much information into your head that it almost physically feels like it is going to explode. Presentations for you to create and lectures for you to soak in. A breath of knowledge that is beyond most people's ability to comprehend or even hope to pursue. This is what going to law school means. And it does not stop there. Graduating law school then leads to bar exams. Bar exams lead to daunting internships or at the very least troublesome and complex interviews with people repeatedly testing your mettle. Then there are the cases or the other work that you do. Working in law has never been and will never be an eight hour a day forty hour a week job. This is hard grueling brain work combined with high stress demands to deliver on a regular basis. In between all of that you are expected to keep educating yourself of the latest developments in law.

Continuing legal education courses, when added to this whole breath of things pulling you, might seem like an unnecessary time suck but the fact is keeping your tools, mostly your brain and ability to talk your game, in top shape is a major part of any work in law. When you decide that continuing legal education is vital for your career you will, as you have with all things in your line of work, simply make it work for you. Good lawyers are strivers by their very nature, dedicated to growing and being better. Continuing legal education is a means to that seemingly never ending end. It is the proverbial carrot on the stick dangled in front of you but always out of reach. Getting good is hard in legal work, getting great is next to impossible.

Pursuing the law as a career should be a passion. It should be something that gets your juices flowing and makes you excited to see what's next. If you have this in you the daunting reality can almost begin to seem like a fun challenge to yourself and those around you. If you believe in what you are doing taking some continuing legal education courses should not only be a professional no-brainer it should be a personal joy.

Marino Legal is an online educational institution providing continuing legal education for attorneys. Easily navigate the website to find out what CLE courses are required in your state.

The Growth In The Number Of LPN To RN Schools

The demand for LPNs and RNs remains strong with the graying of America, the increased number of years Americans are living, and the increasing number of people both young and old with chronic illnesses. This plea is in spite of the fact that we are living in such a bleak economy. The demand for health care workers is the principal reason for the increased growth in the amount of LPN to RN schools. Even though the LPN position continues to have a secure future, the job opportunities for the LPN are restricted as compared to the many openings that are for RNs. It is due to this problem of career stagnation that numerous LPNs look to enter one of the many offered LPN to RN programs.

The LPN to RN schools have developed motivated approaches to backing the busy LPN in her search to carry on her career advancement through education. In a largely female profession, the LPN is typically a wife and mother working to help provide for her family. With these programs, the LPN can remain working, most often with flexible hours, making about $15 per hour. The continuous income helps the LPN pay for the additional education and recognize the dream of becoming an RN. The RN position does offer an increase in the variety of nursing careers, amount of unfilled nursing jobs, but also more than twice the wage. For many LPNs, this is a chance they can't turn down. And this may be another driving force behind the upswing in the number of available LPN to RN schools.

The LPN looking to advance in her nursing education, there are a few benefits to having many schools to select from. The first advantage is the selection of courses and programs. While all lead to the eligibility to sit for the nursing exam, they each attempt to be exceptional and essential to the prospective nursing students. Another way to see it is, the schools work very hard to win your education dollars. Another advantage could be that one of the LPN to RN schools may be close enough to you to allow for an easy travel. If not, the number of online schools and programs is also growing.

The solid demand for health care workers and future shortage of nurses has certainly impacted the type of financial aid available for the nursing student. Odds are quite good that there is more financial aid available in the form of grants and scholarships versus student loans. Grants and scholarships are undoubtedly more desirable than loans since you do not have to pay back the money you receive. Be sure to connect with the financial aid departments of the schools you are applying to in order to get all the facts you can about available grants and scholarships. This is something you do not want to hesitate in doing as there may be a yearly limit on the available funds.

One more advantage is interconnected to the competition between the several LPN to RN schools. In order to increase to more students, the schools may propose some pretty attractive financial aid deals. It may be best to apply and gain admittance to several schools and then base your choice on which one offers you the best in financial aid.

Nancy Short is a well known writer in nursing and about online LPN programs. She has been giving seminars and has been invited to be a speaker in nursing conventions. LPN to RN schools
LPN School

Law and Social Sciences Program

The National Science Foundation, more often known as NSF, is a United States government agency that mainly supports essential research and education in all the non-medical related fields of science and engineering.

The attempts of the National Science Foundation are aimed at realizing their mission, which is to "To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense."

In line with this particular mission, the NSF has constituted the Law & Social Sciences Program wherein it seeks to ask for proposals that could attend to social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules.

The Law & Social Sciences Program will be naturally interdisciplinary and multi-methodological. The guidelines of the program necessitates that in order for a proposal to be successful, it should contain research ideas that will advance scientific theory and the perception of the linkages between human behavior and laws or legal processes.

To make this happen, the proposal will need a dynamic approach that will concurrently accommodate multiple fields of studies, such as:

1. Crime, Violence and Punishment
2. Economic Issues
3. Governance
4. Legal Decision-making
5. Legal Mobilization and Conceptions of Justice
6. Litigation and the Legal Profession

The program also intends to simultaneously support proposals that aim to study historical, social, cultural and policy-related questions that concern the law.

The Law & Social Sciences Program is not just limited to funding proposals that happen to be entirely related to social scientific studies mainly because it can also be utilized for several other disciplines including anthropology, communication, criminology, economics, legal scholarship, political science, public policy, psychology, and sociology.

The National Science Foundation intends to administer up to $5,000,000 to 75 grant recipients under standard grants, continuing grants, or cooperative agreements.

The organizations and institutions which will be considered eligible to participate in the Law & Social Sciences Program are the following:

a) Standard Research Grants and Grants for Collaborative Research

b) Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowships: US Academic Institutions

c) Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants: US Academic Institutions

d) Conference and Workshop Support

The Law and Social Sciences Program is greatly crucial to the National Science Foundation for the reason that objectives and goals of the program are incredibly in keeping the agency's mission.

Furthermore, the program will also work as an instrument into the development of innovative studies that will help better the people's comprehension of the law and how it affects our daily lives.

Michael Saunders is an editor of He maintains Websites providing resources on small business grants and artist grants.

Ways To Pay For A Graduate Degree

Continuing your education and applying to graduate school is a very virtuous decision. It can lead to a much more financially secure future, and it can expand the knowledge you have about your major to a much higher level. Unfortunately, there aren't the same types of financial aid programs available for graduate school as there were for your undergraduate studies. In this article, I will be describing some of the costs that students will need to account for and some of the possible ways in which they can avoid accumulating more debt than is necessary.

Most students who go on to graduate school accept the fact that they are going to have to take out loans in order to pursue their advanced degree. Unfortunately, the amount of debt that students can accumulate over the years is massive. The average student in America who graduates with a Masters degree accrues over $41,000 in debt while students who choose to go into medicine or law will usually owe more than $90,000 by the time they graduate. Paying back the entirety of these loans can be a struggle and will take many years for most people. This being the case, it makes a lot of sense to get creative and find different ways of getting your education paid for.

One way to save on your education is to pick your school wisely. If there you are choosing from multiple universities and one of them happens to be a public school or an in-state school, it may be your best option when it comes to value. Private universities can cost up to ten times more than their public counterparts, and out-of-state fees are typically two to three times more than in-state college fees. This difference in cost can certainly lower your costs and can even eliminate your need to take out loans.

Another option that is often overlooked is the opportunity of teaching assistantships. Most professors have assistants that perform a variety of tasks for them. These tasks range from answer questions during a lecture to grading papers or even teaching the classes themselves on occasion. In return, these assistants have their educations paid for.

Fellowships are also available for graduate students. Fellowships are type of financial aid that can come from the government, but are usually given by independent organizations at each university. The university itself may also have fellowships programs for specific degrees or research that it wants to promote. It should be noted that a much smaller percentage of graduates are funded by fellowships than assistantships.

Loan forgiveness proframs are also available nationwide for students who are going into the teaching and nursing profession, among others. These programs are funded by the government and offer to repay teachers and nurses after working for a few years. This repayment can be as much as $17,500. There are certain criteria that may affect the refund amount that each individual is entitled to. For example, a teacher in a high-income area may be forgiven $5,000, while someone teaching in a low-income area may be forgiven the maximum $17,500 because there is a need for teachers in that area.

Many employers will also reimburse their employees for earning a degree while continuing to work for them. While it can be hard to pay for everything up front on your own, at least you can pay it off much faster with the help of this type of reimbursement program. One major downside for some students is that graduate school is demanding, and it can be hard for students to work a job and be successful at school simultaneously, but it can be worth it if you don't have any other options.

Overall, graudate programs can be very expensive, but there are a number of creative ways to fund your education. Instead of taking out loans, a student should research all of his or her options for graduate school financial aid, including, assistantships, fellowships, loan forgiveness programs, and employer reimbursement programs. The most effective way to limit any debt from attending school is to choose a public university that is in-state that still fits your needs.

Applications Requirement for an MBA Program

It just makes sense that anyone who has already taken the time to get a Bachelor's degree that they should also want to work hard to find a MBA program that will allow them to continue the education that has brought them to the place they are today. MBA degrees are highly sought after by employers when searching for adequately trained employees, and when it comes to promotions from within and existing pool of employees, those same employers will be looking for those individuals who have taken the time to work their way through an MBA program when promoting to upper management positions.

The application process for entering MBA programs must be followed to the letter or it may prevent you from being accepted into the desired class or at the very least it could set you back a year or two. For this reason, you should always take the time to go through every detail and fill out the application correctly.

This application process is fully based on what you are able to produce. You will be required to produce your undergraduate transcript, GMAT score, resume, and admissions essays. It takes a great deal of personal effort to meet these requirements, and this is just the beginning. You will have to also obtain letters of recommendations from people who you cannot control what they will have to say about you.

If you are truly serious about entering an MBA program, you will have to make sure that you adhere to all the requirements of admissions. It is also beneficial for you to remember that MBA programs are literally flooded with interested applicants for admission to their programs, and that means that you have to make every effort to make yours stand out from all the rest. Make sure that you do not try to be hasty in your preparations.

When applying for MBA programs at prestigious institutions like Harvard, Michigan, Stanford or some of the others in the nation, you can be sure that you will be standing against some very stiff competition, but you may not find it as competitive when applying for an online MBA program even though you will still have to turn in a well done application. You should also expect to be required to turn in a minimum of two letters of recommendation, so choose wisely, and start early.

While selecting an online MBA program may seem to be the logical choice when you are ready to commit a couple of years to your life into achieving this goal, you still should take enough time to investigate all the different aspects of choosing the right one. The most important thing to check is the accreditation of the program, but you will also want to make sure that the company you are working for or the one that you hope to secure a position with will accept the degree you will eventually earn from the MBA program of your choice. Anything less than that and you have wasted your time.

EMBA program from UB School of Management. Find out more information about UB EMBA Singapore program here.

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Online Professional Development

Professional development has come along way in that past several years and now school districts are taking things a step further by creating online and hybrid professional development programs. There are now a number of different programs that are being implemented by schools all over the country and they have been quite successful so far. Besides, if technology is being used more and more by students, it only makes sense that educators are given the same opportunity with their education.

Online professional development programs save schools money by not having to hire substitute teachers or paying for traveling or material expenses; however, teachers are welcoming these online programs because they allow them to take their courses at times that are easiest for them, and allowing them to take away more information because they are in the right mind-set to learn the material. This means that teachers are able to turn right around and incorporate the material into their lesson plans the next day.

Colleges for education are also jumping on the bandwagon and creating a number of online or hybrid professional development courses for educators. They saw a growing demand and agreed that non-degree programs online would make more sense than conducting the courses person, partly because of the very nature of how colleges of education are now being structured.

"We're an academic program. We're not designed for customized [face-to-face] workshops in any way," said Lisa Dawley, a professor of educational technology at Boise State University, in Idaho.

Dawley and her teammates recently began an online professional development program in August. The online program is designed to provide K-12 educators and administrators access to three-week instructor-led online workshops that cover courses such as merging technology into the classroom. Dawley said that the program will also be expanded to provide teachers workshops dealing with common-core standards for the state of Idaho.

Arizona State University has also created their own version of online professional development for teachers. In 2006, the university joined forces with the state department of education and produced the IDEAL program, which stands for Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona Learning. The program offers online courses to develop teachers' instructional skills in areas such as language arts, math, science, technology integration, classroom management, and English as a second language. Courses are usually over a span of six to eight weeks and cost around $65.

"We've known for a long time that the best professional development is job-embedded and sustainable within [instructors'] own time, and able to be accessed by individuals as well," said Rick Baker, the associate director of IDEAL.

Aside from local colleges of education, school districts are hosting their own version of online professional development. Mark Hess, the executive director of instruction, technology, and assessment for the Walled Lake district in Michigan is turning to the online world to enhance professional development experiences for his educators through hybrid programs. His program includes the formation of a video library that shows expert teachers demonstrating a number of different teaching techniques. The video library will be paired with the district's traditional week-long face-to-face workshop next year. Hess's hope is that teachers will walk into the traditional workshop with more knowledge because of the videos and the workshop will be used for more discussion and interaction then instruction.

Another online professional development program that is making waves is Channel One, which has recently partnered with Promethean Inc. These two companies have created a program that will be piloted this month in Ashland Elementary School in Prince William County, Va. Each classroom in the school will be given an interactive whiteboard, provided by Promethean, which will air daily broadcasts and give students various lessons and quizzes, while Promethean will give teachers short daily tutorials on using various whiteboard tools and improving teaching methods with the interactive whiteboard.

The Channel One program will provide teachers a list of options for professional development that will highlight a "skill of the day," such as incorporating various online tools such as Google Docs into lessons or creating digital assessments. All the tutorials will be kept online so that an educator can take a look back and review the material.

"So many teachers come back from a traditional professional-development session, and they remember only a very small portion, only what they were ready to get and grasp," Shannon Kula, an education solutions manager for Promethean, said. "This delivers it in bite-sized chunks, and it's customizable."

So with the ever-growing demand for online professional development, it looks like we will be seeing more companies like Channel One offer programs for schools. Hopefully, this new way of professional develop will give teachers the flexibility they are looking for and give them resources to improve their techniques in the classroom.

360 Education Solutions is your advocate in the search for quality online teaching degree programs. As an advocate group founded specifically for educators, we provide you with the support and information needed to help you achieve your teaching certification and educational aspirations.

Master's Degree Programs For An Array Of Different Interests

The University of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia is a great college to earn your Master's degree. They offer an array of program options along with a diverse and vibrant college community. Graduate programs can be completed on a full or part-time basis and are available for students who want to increase their skill sets, educational level, and the ability to advance within their current careers or begin new ones.

One of the Master's level programs that University of Pennsylvania offers is the Master's of Applied Positive Psychology. This program is for students who want to learn how to apply the principles and tools of positive psychology to a range of professional domains. The program is rooted in the work of the founder of positive psychology. Students who enroll in this Master's program are able to explore the history, theory, as well as the basic research methods of positive psychology.

Students can also choose to enroll in University of Pennsylvania's graduate program in Environmental Studies. Within this program students choose a concentration in order to narrow the focus of their studies. Students can choose to follow a program in environmental advocacy and education, environmental biology, environmental sustainability, environmental policy, resource management, or urban environment. This program consists of twelve courses and can be completed in two years if enrolled full-time.

A Master's in Liberal Arts is another choice offered to the university's graduate students. This is a unique program that offers students the flexibility to partake in a variety of courses offered by the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. This program lets students design an individualized program of study that consists of nine courses that you get to choose the theme of. Students who enroll in this program are able to broaden their knowledge in the liberal arts, increase their professional expertise, explore a new career field, as well as to prepare for entering into a doctoral program.

A Master of Medical Physics is also available to students. This graduate program combines physics problem solving with an in-depth knowledge of medical physics technology. Students who enroll in this program are preparing themselves for a career in technology-related medical fields.

University of Pennsylvania has a Geology Master's program that earns students a Master of Science in Applied Geosciences. This program is great for students who wish to lead the world in environmental remediation and the prevention of pollution. Students in the program are taught how to tackle a wide range of environmental problems that include soil and water contamination, waste disposal, human-induced natural disasters, and the need for environmentally safe energy extraction methods.

Students can also choose to enter into the Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts program. When you decide to join this program, you will select an advisory committee made up of two faculty members that will help you to determine the guidelines for your program as well as the thesis that you plan on researching. Your advisory committee will be the ones that approve your final thesis as well as grant your successful completion of the program.

The University of Pennsylvania offers many great Master degrees for interested students. If you are thinking of enrolling into a graduate program, the University of Pennsylvania is a great place to begin your search. You may even be able to find a program that will offer an online Master.

Accelerated Nursing Programs - Advantages and Disadvantages

You might be wondering if the field of nursing is the best course for you. This is just natural for anyone of us who is considering taking this path. You should consider many important factors before embarking in this journey. One of the ways to acquire a nursing degree is through an accelerated nursing program. Needless to say, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of learning.

Nursing is said to be one of the most loved medical profession. They work directly with patients and spend more time with them compared to other healthcare provider. Because of this, nurses are the ones who serve as a bridge for the different healthcare team to work in collaboration for the recovery of the patient. Nurses are in charge for the care of the client by performing therapeutic procedures and documenting nursing interventions. Statistics show that there is a current and future demand for nurses. This is one of the many reasons that accelerated nursing program has been developed to address this problem.

There are many advantages of accelerated nursing programs. The main strength of this curriculum is*its shorter time frame. As the name of the program implies, you can finish the entire course within one to two years, given that you already had a previous bachelor's degree. Since you can earn a nursing degree the quickest time as possible, you can work earlier or you can pursue a higher education in this field.

Aside from studying in a traditional college establishment, accelerated nursing program can also be accessed through the internet. With the widespread coverage of the World Wide Web, you can now experience the benefits of online learning.

Though the advantages of accelerated nursing program greatly outweigh the disadvantages, you might as well take time to consider these drawbacks. First, since it is a compact and condensed version of the four or five year nursing program, expect that it would be physically, mentally taxing, and emotionally demanding. You have to put a lot of effort and sacrifices in order to carry on until the end of the program. Furthermore, it would be advisable that you have to drop your job to fully focus in the whole curriculum.

You have to consider a lot of factors. Take time to contemplate and explore the different options and possibilities that are available within your reach. This way, you can be rest assured that you will make the right decision.

Want to know more? Accelerated Nursing Guide has the info you need to make the right choice about your educational future. With a full directory of accelerated BSN programs in the United States you can easily locate a school near you and discover your nursing training options.

If you are exploring your career and training options and are contemplating a career in nursing, Accelerated Nursing Guide is well worth taking a look at.

Graduate School Can Further Your Career And Life Goals

If you are considering Graduate school, you likely know that this next step on your education and career track is more than just another few years spent in the classroom. A graduate degree is about finding a place for yourself in your field and establishing your professional identity. This could mean finding your niche in the world of research and academia, or it could mean getting the experience and making the connections you need to start a career in your field. Whatever your ambitions, it will be up to you to use Graduate school as an opportunity to further your goals.

Graduate school is a time to pursue your interests. Yes, you are earning a degree that requires you to have broad knowledge and skills within your field. You should also take the time to specialize, however. For example, if you are pursuing a graduate degree in English and your particular interest is Shakespeare, become a Shakespeare scholar. It will make you more valuable upon graduation.

If you can, get published. Publishing articles or even a book while in a graduate studies program will pave the way for the rest of your career. Especially if you are looking for a career in academia, you must publish actively in order to become and remain an authority in your field. It is never too early to pursue the difficult task of getting your work out there for the first time.

Find a mentor. Becoming close to a faculty member that you admire can help you to develop as an individual. You will appreciate the guidance of an experienced faculty member as you navigate the ins and outs of your field. Figuring out where your particular aptitude lies, narrowing down an area of research, getting published, and planning for your career are all topics that can be better explored with the input of a mentor who cares about your success.

Don't forget to socialize while in Graduate school. You will be working hard, and it can be easy to let your social life slide. It is important to make the effort to get together with and befriend students and faculty members in your program. Networking best takes place outside of an academic setting. Attend parties and department dinners. You never know how influential your classmates may later become.

Also don't neglect social networking. Social networking serves an important function in academic settings. Maintain social networking profiles, such as Facebook, in order to stay in the loop and keep up with your classmates and department news.

Get involved in your school. Your Graduate program likely has many ways for you to get involved. Joining a professional association, editing your Graduate's program's magazine, and helping to plan your department's lecture series or social functions will allow you to determine where your interests are and will provide excellent experience for your future career, especially if you intend to work in academia.

Graduate school is not just about having letters after your name when you graduate with a master's degree. Your experience in a graduate school program will be personally and professionally gratifying, but only if you put the effort into making your experience as valuable as it can be.

The Advantages of School Grants for Single Mothers

School grants are the best way to be in school even if you are financially incapable of doing so. The government, organizations and private companies do offer this for people who have the genuine intention of learning and studying. In principle, everyone can apply for college grants. You just need to submit any requirements asked for by the organization that will grant you the money to stay in school. An application form should be truthfully filled out and submitted accordingly. You also need to show proof that you lack money to fund your schooling.

Are there available school grants for single mothers?
There are certain organizations that do offer school grants for single mothers. These are available for moms who want to be in school but don't have the financial support or the job to send them to college. There are government and private grants that also offer child ward for single mothers while they are in school.

There are many single moms who decide that they want to finish college once they get separated or get divorced. They would enroll and go to school but will drop out in the middle of the year because of the lack of money to sustain their education. There are lots of things that a single mom thinks about and pays for. These include food, clothing, shelter, medicine, transportation and of course, child care. With all these expenses in mind, her education can be put on the sideline.

You can find school grants for single mothers than can help you complete your chosen field of study and eventually begin your career. Grants are very different from college loans. You do not have to pay off this grant while a loan requires you to pay off the money you used for schooling depending on the agreement you signed on.

If you have a genuine passion to go and stay in school, school grants for single mothers are a good way for you to complete college. It will help you get the financial support that you need so you will not have to think about school money and just focus on studying and finishing college.

A quick way for you to find a grant is to do your search online. You can find a number of organizations and private companies that offers school grants. The application process is also made fast and easy with online application.

Impressions of Degrees in Science

The reasons for obtaining PhD degree

There are several reasons for obtaining PhD degree

   1. The power and prestige.
   2. The chance of academic teaching and research.
   3. The work in industrial and governmental sectors.

PhD graduates are usually satisfied with PhD programs. If the activity is organized properly, students develop motivated attitude to study and research. They may as well hope to become prospective collaborators in companies relying on large PhD reinforcement and carry out research in industrial or governmental laboratory settings. These students take considerable advantage of PhD in its current shape. However, other students may be dissatisfied in their attempts to adapt PhD to all possibilities and solutions to various sets of requirements.

Money considerations and satisfaction with knowledge

Some people think that from the standpoint of money meaning of PhD degree is not always a good deal nowadays. In modern society education and knowledge are often not very much valued from the standpoint of success. Society educates people to make money by all possible means and cultivates material values instead of sciences. From the standpoint of the golden calf, a PhD in science is not always a good investment. Unfortunately, this is a naked truth both for those whose goal in life is the accumulation of riches and men of science.

Nevertheless, many researchers are happy with their existence. They think that the modern system of study is enlightening and efficient for those who desire and aspire to PhD. They have no uncertainties about the research and the duration of studies. These students do not believe that PhD can be realized in shorter period of time. They affirm that the amount of knowledge to be accumulated is huge and must be absorbed gradually if you want to become a real leader in the research field. These efforts take time and require practice. Mistakes are inevitable and even useful because they must be corrected. Student comes out of the graduate experience a different personality and mature scientist. For these real scientists the true currency is knowledge, and they are sure that they are remunerated handsomely.

Must PhD programs be improved?

PhD programs presuppose the profound and comprehensive study of an extremely focused topic in a narrow field. Some people think that this situation should be changed. These scientists affirm that any great breakthrough in research usually involves the integration of several disciplines. Among the examples are artificial intelligence, psychology, computer science, mechanical engineering, cybernetics, virtual reality, nanotechnologies, and chemistry. Therefore, it is good to develop PhD programs that reflect multi-disciplinary approach together with highly specialized graduate study. Some people believe that meaning of PhD degree positively requires reconsideration. They think that the PhD creates a researcher who accumulates much information only about one specific matter. However, present diversity of subjects makes knowledge of related areas more and more important. Researchers must also know what other scientists do so as they were able to work together. Many students think that their subjects are too focused and maybe reorganization would be beneficial. Moreover, knowledge of both scientific areas and also societal events must become encouraging factor. Some researchers also believe that PhD is too centered at academia and it restricts job opportunities.

Should getting PhD degree be shorter in time?

Some people are under the impression that PhD is the main scientific goal in life. The scientific bodies enforce this statement paying much attention to the amount of publications. This approach may result in prolonged PhD process and it postpones getting the degree to the distant future. Some students may get depressed and it slows their work even more. These researchers think that obtaining PhD must not take so much time. A shorter PhD would cut down the long process of degree obtaining and could help the young scientists to join the ranks of independent researchers. PhD students, being employed earlier in academia or industry, would organize their personal life quicker and it would be beneficial both for the individual and science.

Graduate School Can Be The Solution To A Career Change

If you already have a Bachelor's degree but you are considering a career change, you may be wondering what steps you can take to prepare yourself for this change. Different people desire career changes at different stages of life, and for a variety of different reasons. Wanting to switch careers doesn't mean you have to earn a second Bachelor's degree. Often, going to graduate school will allow you to make the career change you desire. Depending on your goals and your educational background, graduate school may be the solution to your need for change in your working life.

Where you work and what you do for a career often has a big impact on personal happiness and fulfillment. It is not uncommon for college graduates to enter the field they have been prepared for by their Bachelor's degrees, only to find that they do not enjoy the work they are doing. If you feel that your job lacks meaning, is uninteresting, or is no longer in line with your values, you are likely considering your other options.

Graduate school is a good choice for those who have decided that their previous career is no longer the right choice for them. In graduate school, you can pursue a different area of study that builds on your previous education and experience but takes you in a different direction. For example, a student who majored in math as an undergraduate but later decides to become a teacher may pursue graduate studies in education in order to become a math teacher. There are many other options like this if you are willing to think outside of the box about how you can use advanced studies to take your career in a new direction.

Working for a few years, no matter what your field, is actually preferable to earning a graduate degree directly out of college. You will have learned a lot from your work experience, grown as a person, and gained a better understanding of your likes and dislikes. Do not think of your first career as a waste of time. Rather, look at it as an educational experience.

It will be up to you to determine if your educational background and work experience have adequately prepared you to earn a graduate degree. For example, if you have a Bachelor's degree along with some experience in Social Work, you may have already completed the prerequisites for graduate studies in Psychology or another Social Science.

If you were an English major in college, however, it is unlikely that you can jump right into a Master's program in accounting. In this case, find out from a graduate program that you are interested in what you must do to fulfill the prerequisites for the program.

Don't be daunted by the prospect of making a complete career change. People make dramatic alterations to their lives and careers at every stage of life. With some hard work, persistence, and the right educational opportunities, you can achieve your goals.

Finding the career that best suits you is an important part of your happiness. Graduate school may be able to help you find your true calling. Research graduate programs to find one that is right for you.

Graduate Schools In The Garden State

Graduate Schools in New Jersey

If you've completed your Bachelor's degree and are considering graduate school, finding the right program in a convenient location is important. Choosing a college in New Jersey to pursue your advanced studies is a great idea for someone who wants access to the resources of the city and also the relaxing atmosphere provided by rural areas. The Garden State offers beautiful wildlife, access to the ocean, and also has public transportation and major roadways that will have you in the city within an hour or two.

Princeton University

Princeton is right between two great cities, Philadelphia and New York. On the campus, you will have access to an eclectic range of cultural and historical influences that will enhance your educational experience. This campus has housing options available for graduate students, including those with family members.

There are a wide range of programs available for students seeking to earn doctoral degrees or Master's degrees. Whether you are pursuing neuroscience or want to study the ancient world, your needs will be met by the qualified staff that will encourage you to fulfill your potential.

Saint Peter's College

This college is located close to public transportation and is founded on guiding students towards cultivating their faith. With spiritual retreats and trips geared towards helping communities in need, earning a graduate degree here will allow you to root yourself in your spirituality while accomplishing your academic goals.

Taking up about 30 acres of land, this campus offers several graduate programs that will prepare you for a rewarding career. If you want to master in education, there are a variety of different programs that will prepare you to counsel, teach, work with special needs students, and take on a variety of other leadership positions. Doctoral degrees are also available in education. Courses are provided all year round, making education here accessible no matter what your schedule is like.

Richard Stockton College

In southern New Jersey, this college is located on a beautiful campus surrounded by wilderness, and it's only an hour from Philadelphia and two from New York. A 10 minute drive will have you at the boardwalk, where you can enjoy the ocean. Active student clubs will offer you the chance to enjoy group meditation or join in on a wide array of clubs that reflect the diverse community of students' interests.

The programs here offered to graduate students cover a wide range of potential careers. Holocaust and genocide studies are an example of a very specific graduate program, while mastering in nursing reflects a more general and widely sought after career path. If you want to earn you doctoral degree, there are also education programs that will support your need.

Choosing to go to graduate school requires an investment of many resources, including time and money. Selecting a school that's in an area with plenty of resources and activities will give you an increased sense of pleasure and access to exciting opportunities. New Jersey is a great state to pursue your graduate degree in, because it provides an affordable way to have the best of many worlds. You may even be able to find grad schools that offer online graduate programs.